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Customizable Sleep Systems in Miami, FL

To complement your new memory foam or hybrid mattress, SmartMattress in Miami, FL, also offers adjustable bases for the optimum sleep system. You can pair your perfect mattress with an adjustable base to suit your needs. Whether you want a basic base that elevates your head and feet or one that has a massage feature, we’ve got you covered! An adjustable base for your new memory foam mattress will turn your bedroom into a place of true relaxation.

Furthermore, adjustable beds also allow you to more comfortably watch TV or read in bed. Imagine not having to strain your neck while trying to relax and watch TV. Imagine not dropping your book when your arm gets too tired. An adjustable base is great for providing all-around comfort no matter how you spend your time relaxing.

Optimal support for a restful night

Our bases provide ergonomic support and relaxation with virtually unlimited adjustable positions. Adjustable bases allow you to customize your sleep experience to relieve pressure where you need it the most. Some adjustable bases even offer a relaxing head and foot massage feature for the ultimate sleep experience and luxury.

The SmartMattress team in Miami, FL, can work with you to build the bed of your dreams. Let us help you choose the best mattress and adjustable base for your needs. At SmartMattress, we carry the following high-quality, durable bases to enhance your quality of sleep. All adjustable beds come with wireless remotes for ease of use. Some of the adjustable beds even offer head and feet massage—the ultimate treat for in-home relaxation!


The Arise fully adjustable base forms any head and foot position you could desire. It features dual massage ability with a preset for continual wave and pulse rhythms. The Arise integrates power-up and gravity-down safety system. It includes a wireless, backlit remote that adjusts the base with one touch. Features include:

  • Full-range head and foot adjustable base
  • One-touch, backlit wireless remote
  • Power-up and gravity-down safety system
  • Dual massage feature with constant pulse and wave
  • Three-memory position presets for convenience
  • Mount directly to headboard with optional bracket kit
  • 750-pound weight capacity


The Optimize, with its versatile, optimized foundation, is an upgrade from a traditional box spring. This is a full-motion adjustable bed with wireless remote. It caters to your comfort and relaxation by elevating the head and foot of your bed to several cozy positions, enhancing the experience of your before-bedtime routines. Whether you’re reading a book, watching television, or working on your portable device, do so comfortably.


Maximize is the newest adjustable model available. It allows you to raise your head and feet to multiple positions, giving you the relief and support your body needs. This ergonomic, adjustable base features:

  • Programmable head and foot positions: Program three of your favorite positions for relaxation on demand.
  • Dual massage: Dual head and foot massage relieve tension, improve blood flow, and relax your body.
  • A wireless remote: Control your adjustable bed effortlessly.

Visit SmartMattress today to customize your sleep experience!
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